Paul Taylor

Four very experienced musicians re-creating the times when the teen agers of the day got their own style and music that dictated everything that followed. Mike guitar vocals, Fil Keyboard/vocals, Nigel bass guitar and Paul Drums. The B-Bopalulas’ mission is to remind you what it was like back then. That excitement when you first dropped that needle into the groove of a new vinyl disc. Every song you’ve heard of, c’mon, sing along, and with every verse the years drop away and every chorus raises a grin. Not all strictly rock ‘n’ roll, but a few 60s tunes thrown in to stir it up a little, and the B-Bopalulas' specialty is today what they call mash-ups; what used to be medleys, or if you want to be really posh call them segues. They roared through some Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Dion, Everlys

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