Atlanta Mae

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Atlanta Mae, is a talented young singer, songwriter from Croydon born in Woodgreen she has released two singles this summer ‘Be about it,’ which has had over 10’000 streams in a week and ‘Cut it off,’ which she wrote after a toxic relationship. She is about to take the music industry by a sweet, soulful, storm. 
Her latest single 'Be about it is a mix of old skool 90’s R’n’B with with a dash of island flavour, fresh new tones with a splash of summer vibes. Her other track 'Cut it off’ lends it sound to the subject of the song. More of a deep beat with harder tones and lyrics anyone can relate too’ ‘I wanted to put out different sounds reflective of my versatile taste in music I don’t just keep to one sound and I like to mix it up, my songs have to have meaning,’ Atlanta wrote her first song for her sister at the tender age of nine and since then has continued to write music .'I like a mix of many different genres and I think its really important to evolve and learn from listening to other artists out there.‘ My main thing with artists are , I like people who are different and push the boundaries of art that is the whole point to progress.' Lauren Hill is clearly amongst her most notable influences. alongside Rayvn Lenae, Prince and Rihanna. ‘Growing up I was always surrounded by music both my parents are from the Caribbean and of course the music they listened to had a big effect on me from reggae, calypso to salsa and I have been going there since I was a child. My mother is a psycologist and we have a very close relationship. Her grandparents came over to England during the 1960’s but returned to the Caribbean in 2000.
When it comes to her style Atlanta Mae likes to keep it natural and her dreadlocks as they grow are a symbol of her beliefs and musical journey which is very important to her. 'I'm not gonna be told what beauty is I realised that I was conditioned to think and believe in a certain kind of beauty, but I'm deeper than that.' She makes it clear her dreads are not just a fashion statement but after years of dying and switching up her hair on a weekly basis she finally came to the realisation that by keeping her natural locks they made her feel more empowered. She hopes her music can also encourage young women and girls to be confident in their own skin and natural looks. 
Before committing to her music on a full-time basis she worked as a drama teacher and attended the Institute of Contemporary Performance. 'I really want to inspire other young people with my music and I hope I can be a positive influence. It is refreshing to hear a young singer in the industry not shying away from wanting to be a good role model by installing confidence in young women through her looks and music. However leaving teaching behind allows her to teach in other ways and judging by her music it looks like she made the right decision. Her sound is similar to other artists like India Arie and SWV however, her individual and unique UK style and tone makes her stand out bringing back that 90s feel with modern London vibes this is what sets Atlanta Mae apart from other artists and what will see her become the next big singer, songwriter.