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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Do you think you will better of with an agent? Think again! With UGIGS revolutionising the live music industry, live gigging musicians and performers can now finally take back control.
The technology has finally caught up to this part of the music industry and just like Uber, Spotify and other well know and used apps venues and gigging artists will now reap the benefits which has been lacking in the industry for far too long. 
Our founder Claire Barrett has been gigging in the industry since she was sixteen years of age. Now 36 she has a wealth of experience and understands exactly what it is like to gig in the UK and Europe. This is why and how she came up with an idea in late 2017 . With UGIGS she has found a solution to various problems that has has faced throughout her career on both sides of the industry and eventually coming up with a solution to the problems that face many live music artists gigging within the industry and venues booking live acts and once it takes hold there will be no going back.
Some people have been with the same agents since they started I know someone who has been with the agency for over ten years however fees increase each year without no apparent benefit for the singer. Better the devil you know some might say but Miss Barrett, would probably respond with the shakesperian quote , 'Always the wrong person gives you the right lesson in life.’ She continues ‘Which reminds me of some of the agents I’ve had in the past but if it wasn't for them and being taken advantage of in regards to paying fees, I would never have come up with the idea of UGIGS.‘With UGIGS i wanted to take all the lessons I have learnt over the years and make a much needed change to the industry that seems to still be doing business the old way. With all the new technology at our hands now it is astonishing that this part of the industry hasn’t caught up . But I have and I will make sure everyone else will too. UGIGS will give back gigging singers or any gigging entertainment act control when it comes to bookings something that they have never had thus far. This is one of the most precarious industries and you don’t have to go back to Colonel parker, Elvis Presley’s manager who took 50% to know that some music artists and performers in the live music industry have had no choice in the past but to put their faith in their agent when it comes to booking gigs. That is until now.
You don’t need an agent to build a portfolio at UGIGS our reviews will help you keep a clear track and a technological footprint of all the gigs you’ve played, when , where and how you got on without you having to look through emails or Facebook . Your agent will have access to all this information in their database however wouldn’t it be more useful if you had it all there in one place? UGIGS allows you to do this, therefore giving you all the information about your gigs ect all in one place essentially at the click of a button. You have a calendar for your avalibility , so for example if you were visiting Malta for a few weeks you just extend your distance for locations and may even land a gig whilst your away. You would have a clear idea of future bookings and could plan for the future. As gigging musicians, dj’s, singers any live entertainment artist knows this industry means you don’t ever get a weekend off. How many really important engagements have you missed over the years due to not being able to get out of a gig after you had already confirmed the date with your agent?. You will also be aware of how many gigs you have in the future  the live gig industry can be doesn’t give you a set monthly wage leaving you at a disadvantage. Sometimes you don’t feel like you can say no to your agent especially when you are first starting out and you have to pay your rent and other bills that month. Even now you see seasoned musicians not really knowing when their next gigs are coming from and getting in to a situation whereby your vulnerable and your willing to take every job the agent gives you. This can often lead to you burning out before you even get started so we are really excited to help musicians in this way giving back control. 
Our founder Claire Barrett has a wealth of experience and has been on both sides of the industry. UGIGS mission is to give musicians back control this is a real problem that most gigging musicians in the industry face. So to have control of you bookings, a clearer idea of your finances and what particular months you do better than others not to mention reviews so you can gage exactly how well you are being recieved by audiences and also over the years you can see how your grow as an artist. 
With UGIGS for example if your best friend is getting married in a few weeks time you can set that date as unavailable and also have future bookings set for the week after so you don’t have to worry about when your next gig is coming in. You have some control over your music career without it harming your future gigs. The most important thing is that you are not relying upon anyone else and you will have a much clearer idea of how much money you are likley to make because after a few months as opposed to your agent having all your information and dates ect on their database it will be in your hands and you can look at it anytime you want. Having a good idea of how many gigs you will play that month and you can also look back on the year and see what month etc is the most popular for you or if a particular venue books you on a regular basis as you have direct contact with them you could maybe sort out a regular set . All this is possible now with UGIGS and you will no longer have to ask or wait for your agent to call ever again.