Welcome to UGIGS!

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Welcome to U GIGS!

Thanks for visiting our website. So in summary what we are doing is creating a community whereby artists and venues alike can come together and keep live music alive by interacting with one another directly. 

I came up with the idea after spending 20 years gigging and also owning my own bar. I realised that it would be great to know where I was going and also who I was getting. With this website, whether you're an artist or a venue, you have complete control and with our review system, you'll never have to worry about who you are working with again.

We have added some cool features like, you can choose the type of artist you book. You can also pick locations. We plan to add much more as we grow and the best bit is that whilst we are growing we are offering this service for FREE! Eventuallly we will have to charge but at £10 per month for artists only (free for venues), you'll be able to get as much work as you want. We won't put this into place until we see it working for everybody and will obviously keep you informed.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the gigs you deserve!



  • Login in as an Artist or a Venue
  • Add a picture so people can see who you are
  • Tell people about yourself in the Bio section
  • Tag your social media
  • Tag what you are, Solo, Duo, DJ etc.
  • Let everyone know where you are from
  • Use our messaging system to stay in touch
  • Rate each other
  • Earn money and have fun!
  • Keep up to date with our blogs